Can anyone give me info on these two bags!!

  1. Okay the first one is the little round wristlet from devil wears prada... She was wearing it when she wore the infamous tweed hat. I think the color combo was red and blu but I think it also came in green/yellow...

    Is this still available??? What was it called?

    2. I am looking for what I think is an expandable but I think its similar to a bowler with structured handles.
    Its #26 on the chanel website under fall precollection... Its described as calfskin doctor bag with vintage clasp. Does anyone know the price of this bag and the name so I can call my SA to inquire?

    Also is calfskin durable?

    Thank you!

  2. you been watching the devil wears prada on HBO right. that was the first I seen the movie and I was dying at the chanel stuff she was wearing. lol

  3. LOL yes I have and seem to notice more and more everytime I watch it! LOL
  4. I can't see the pics??
  5. The website bag is indeed an expandable frame bag. I saw this IRL it is pretty big and quite heavy, I think the retail on this in the US is $3350.
  6. calfskin is durable and quite soft too. It is the best of both worlds, imo.
  7. Thank you ladies...

    absolutane~ I didn't post any pictures just inquiries about bags with the descriptions sorry!