Can anyone give me details about the new resort line?

  1. If anyone on here (I know some of you are SA's or close with your SA's!) can give me some more info about the new resort line for this winter (i.e. when it will be released, what styles it will come it, etc.) that would be very much appreciated! Thank you!!:smile:
  2. rumor is *cough*cough*

    color wise is like a light blue. i think its really cute. but nothing is finalized so don't expect anything to be a done deal...they order it and when, and how it looks like when it arrives can always change.

    since that one is coming out towards the end of the year, maybe early next year.
  3. Are there any new styles? I need to make up my Christmas and birthday lists, lol. And light blue??? Yay!! (I need another blue bag like I need a hole in my head, lol, but I love blue!)
  4. In the pictures we got (pre production) it's light blue with darker blue c's with white leather trim. The style that I mainly remember is the Legacy tote and there are scarves tied on them. However like Ms Whitney said, they could totally change them by the time they produce them :smile:
  5. ahh that sounds pretty jfek;la
    sup birthday present
    haha :smile:
    and i love that snakes on a plane song ! hoodster 777
  6. Thanks so much ladies :smile: I too loooooove blue bags! I can't wait to see these new ones! One of my fave bags from Coach is blue
    Coach Collection 004.jpg
  7. thats a realy pretty color
  8. is it hard to match with alot of stuff ?
  9. Ummm...not really. I tend to wear it with jeans and black, white, and grey hoodies all the time.
  10. Me too, its one of my favorite songs. OhhMRmagazine, is your username from a song by the Academy Is...?

    And even though my bags are a lighter blue, I wear them with jeans, pastel, black, and white shirts, and black and white hoodies. I go by if the bag complements or matches my outfit.