Can anyone give me current credit letter info?

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  1. I searched here, but all my results seemed to have mixed info. I got a call from the boutique stating my bag couldn't be repaired, and that I would be getting a credit letter. I would love to take it to the outlet, but am not sure if I can. Should I just call the outlet I plan to go to and ask?
  2. Good question! I used my credit initially to buy a bag from Jax, but it had issues and thus I returned it to the outlet, who then cut me a merch credit card for my return value.
  3. Well I just got off the phone with the Seattle Premium Coach Outlet, and they told me I can use it there. So yay!! :woohoo:
  4. You have to use it all at once. You can't have leftover $$$ from the letter for future purchases.
    That was the stipulation I was given by the outlet.
    I ended up using it at the boutique, though.
  5. Just used mine. CS told me you can not use it with a PCE either.
  6. I just got a letter last week and it says it can be used at the outlet, in the full price store or I could look online and phone in an order.
  7. That's strange, when I got my Haversack I used the PCE and my credit letter at the boutique...
  8. I just got a credit letter and it says I can ONLY use it at the full-price store. I guess it's different for everyone? :shrugs:
  9. dunno I just don't understand the inconsistencies.
  10. It said that at the bottom of the letter and the CS confirmed it. It probably depend on the boutique. I wanted the Large Spectator Penelope black and brass, and there were only 100 left and I did not want to get shut out. She will be here Tuesday.
  11. My letter stated that I could use it at an outlet, a full price store, online or at customer service. Is it that many inconsistencies in the letters?:confused1:
  12. I don't understand why there is the restriction - I asked about my credit letter and the settlement card and the SA said yes, but the manager said no.

    I'm going to my other store with a more regular SA tomorrow to see what they say.

    I'm going to be really bummed if I can't use the two together. I can't see paying full price for a bag, even with the credit.