~Can anyone give me any info on this bag?~

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  1. Hi Ladie's~I just wanted to know if anyone has any info on this bag..It is at the Outlet's and I have never seen it before @ FP. I believe it is a delete? The name is (I think) Audrey Inlaid Python N/S Tote?

    I love the overall look of this bag, and I never like white/Parchment bags.I seen a pic. in some spy pic.s to share!! Its the bag lying down.. Thank's in advance~I will try to find a better pic.

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  2. Here are a couple of better pic.s!

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  3. It is a very nice bag - I love the shimmer - and since I am not a python gal - it is just enough on the bag

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    outlet 389-50%
  4. It is BONE leather !!!
  5. Thank you so much :smile: I should have just asked you.;)
  6. It's very pretty. They had them in the Seattle Outlet and I nearly got it. But decided to wait. Then I went to another outlet and found the python Marielle. (Like in your siggy.) I think we have very similar tastes in bags! lol!
  7. These are very pretty. They had them at Wrentham last week. It is a great summer bag and the python seems extra smooth.
  8. Well that a good thing, cause your bags are Gorgeous!!!! :smile:
  9. I looked at Kittery, the closest outlet to me, but no luck!! I really dont need another bag anyways..But I just find this bag really pretty :smile:I like the contrast of the white and python. I dont even care for white bags either.:P
  10. Has anyone seen this bag irl? I want to know how the size is..I'm hoping its large cause the pic.s can be decieving. I called the Outlet that I go to the most, an they sold out of them! I really like that there is no hardware, only 2 handtags. Therefore, I'm assuming that the bag is on the lighter side due too minimal hw..:graucho:

    So if anyone has any info they can share, please do! I would love to know the true size, cause I'm looking for a nice large leather tote..:smile: Thank's in advance~
  11. I believe those were a website exclusive while they were FP.
  12. Figures!! I've heard they made it to the Outlet's..Its just a matter of finding one.:thinking:

  13. Well, I'm on a self-imposed ban until at least October, but if somehow someway I stumble across one I'll let you know. At least we're within the same vicinity:yes:
  14. Thank You:flowers: I'm Supposed to be good too..If I cant find it, thats ok too..More money toward my wedding next Sept.With everything being so pricey these days, we have to pay 1 thing off at a time..Like the Hall, and the DJ, etc..

    But yes, if you see it, please let me know..Its nice that we are in the same vicinity..:smile: If you or I find this bag, I wont purchase it unless there is a 30% coupon.