Can anyone give me an estmate?

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    This is my moms trocadero that she got when I was younger. In a lot of pictures with her and I, I noticed she is carrying this bag. I want to replace the leather for her but is it cheaper just to buy a new bag? I don't know about changing the leather since I haven't done it yet. :confused1:

    :heart: Mike
  2. no one?
  3. normally I would have said buy a new bag - but wow that bag looks loved. You could take it to an LV store and ask how much to replace the leather - but maybe its the pics - I didn't see anything wrong with the leather - it just looks vintage!!!
  4. I would get the leather replaced it is lovely.
  5. thanks, it was loved but now just sits in her closet and I wanna bring it back to life! I will bring it in to LV and get an estimate :smile:
  6. take it in for an estimate. especially if it hold sentimental value.
  7. i think to replace things on a speedy it is around a third or maybe half the price of a new one so i would think its about the same for your moms bag.
    it would be so sweet to get it replaced for her if its a bag she loves.
  8. its just if its so close to a new trocadero I rather make that a x-mas gift or something. But half the price would be worth it!
  9. But Trocaderos are much more expensive than Speedys. Trocadero is $900+! I love the color. I don't use mine so much as I prefer other bags, nothing to do with the color of the leather.
  10. Even at half the price, will it be finished by Christmas?
  11. i have a trocadero too, love it! i want to get the leather replaced too, its not nearly anywhere as loved as your mom's but i don't like patina and if i replace the leather maybe i will use it more, just like when i first got it, if u decide to get the leather replaced could you let me know how much is the cost? thanks
  12. For leather replacement, it's about 2/3rds the cost of the bag itself.

    It may not be finished by Christmas, because the bag does have to be taken apart..