Can anyone give me a quick help?

  1. Does anyone have the Very Prives in a size 38? And can measure the insole from heel to toe for me please?

    I am a normal UK 4/37 BUT the 'cow' print pony hair VP's I got are a 37 and are a little tight on me. I have seen kid leather VP's on eBay size 5/38.

    Will these fit ok? (part of asking for the measurements!)

    Are they likely to stretch a lot?

    In a dilemma now if I should wait for my suede VP's from BG which I ordered in a 37.5 or go ahead and get these ones!

    Thanks xx
  2. Have you asked the seller for measurements?
  3. Yes asked the seller, just impatient! lol xxx
  4. I know that feeling!!
  5. hehe..

    plus I was hoping some of the ladies here could help me with the stretching question - I don't want to get the 5 and they may 'fit' but after a few wears be too big..
  6. I don't have 38s, I have 38.5s, sorry I can't measure for you...IMO I probably wouldn't go up a full size for VPs - half size max.
  7. Thanks FanAddict, see what I'm thinking is... (and tell me if you think I'm just trying to talk myself into this) is that the UK4/37 is a little tight, and I'm feeling that my toes are falling over the edge. So we'll call them too small. So, that must mean that the 37.5 would be perfect, right? So therefore the 38 would be half size up.

    Or am I just trying to convince myself lol xxx
  8. I would not order your US size, go up a half. Wait and order from a source where you can return, just in case. Good luck!
  9. From what I heard the leather ones usually fit small by 1/2 (I'm talking US size). I did try on a leather no prive before half size up from my US size and they were tight around the toe area. It really depends on the cut of the shoe at the front (k, I don't think I'm much help). If you really want the 38 then I would get them if you don't mind adding half insoles or heel grips on them. I heard suede stretches a lot though.
  10. Well this seller is not replying to my email ggrrr dont know how to do smileys here but if I did it would be the angry face!

    So...back to original question..anyone have a size 38 measurements please? xxx
  11. Nope sorry no 38 just a 39 in kid VP's (red tip). I am a true 38.5 so I went up 1/2 size and yes they strech if you want to be able to wear them with tights I woudn't go up a whole size now as a summer shoe if your feet tend to swell with heat, that should work all depends on your foot. I have other VP's like the python in 39.5 and they are fine.
  12. Thanks catcat, it is the kid with red tip I am looking at..

    The seller is just not responding even though they have answered other questions from other people (and displayed them on the page) so not sure why they don't want to give me measurements?! lol

    Can I buy them anywhere else online or are they completely sold out?