Can Anyone Find The Thread With The Pics...

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  1. of the adorable boardie wearing the white multicolor noe? I give up, I can't find it :sad: .

    Or if anyone else finds a thread with the multicolor bag being modeled, can you post the link?

    Thanks so much.
  2. :smile:

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  3. Damn you're good! Thanks Irene :smile:
  4. Any time!:heart:
  5. I've never been a fan of the noe, but that pic has changed my mind! It's so pretty :nuts:
  6. I was never a fan of the noe, either, until Tuesday night. I went to lv party and tried on almost every bag. The minute I put on the petite noe I knew I was getting it. It is the most comfortable shoulder bag ever. I could go on and on, but if you can go try one on, you'll see what I mean. :yes:
  7. WOW- I am not much a fan of the MC anylonger but I think I would purchase that! It's rather lovely!