Can Anyone Find A Deep Purple Flap???

  1. I saw a lady carrying a pretty deep purple kind of flap Chanel bag, silver hardware. She said she bought it from the Neimans catalog in Oct. Does anyone know where I can get one????

    Thanks much!
  2. hilary parsons, what kind of flap was it? did it have a double cc turnlock or the mademoiselle (plain rectangular) turnlock?
    there's a purple east/west and purple classic flap, as well as a purple lady braid flap.
  3. If it was in the catalog, it could've been the Violet Lady Braid, you can look in the Reference Library or do a search to see if that's teh one.
    Or it could've been the Eggplant Roch & chic, both were in NM catalogs this F/W.
  4. Just noticed the word 'flap'.
    Still could've been the Rock and Chic, but Chanel also has Classic FLaps in Violet.

  5. It had a big Chanel on the front in the same purple color. There was no turnlock. I will look in the reference library--many thanks:yes: :yes:
  6. I found it--Smooths posting #22 on Oct. 6th in the reference library. Under the heading of catalog pics Can anyone PEASE find me this bag????
  7. Yep, that's teh Rock & Chic Ligne! It's very yummy leather!:yes:
  8. NO buying or selling here!!!
  9. ^there's no buying or selling on TPF but have you tried calling a boutique to ask about this bag? a nice SA should be able to help you.
  10. Thanks. I tried calling Neiman Marcus and no luck. I will try some Chanel stores.:yes:
  11. Did NM do a search on all NM's for you? My NM had a bunch last time I was there :yes:
  12. Yes--I think so. The lady on the phone said they had none. Do you think I should call again--she wasn't very nice.:crybaby:
  13. Yes! I'd call a different store. . . although I think I'm getting to you late.
    Did you find one today?
  14. Not too late--there were 2 left. I love the color and the softness. The big Chanel letters don't bother me because when its worn you don't see them. Thanks so much for all your help!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: