Can anyone explain this to me? ^^


    I've been interested (a little) in getting a minisac.. they're just so cute! But.. I know how LV doesn't like when their logo's are cut off and such.. but this picture just throws me off..

    Is this normal? I know i've seen the minisac with LV are 2 side by side and no where near the edges like the one on eLuxury.. I'm wondering if thats a stock photo? o_o;

    TIA.. Need some clearing up to do.. XD
  2. The bag you receive is different than the stock photos. These bags are like this to fool the counterfeiters.

    This is what the Mini Sac HL will look like when you receive it:

  3. Ah. I see! ^^;

    Thank you John for clearing that up! ^^;
  4. Is this true of other items on elux? That is very disorienting. Are the pics different too?
  5. most of the ics on the sites are pics of the prototype bags so the ones you get a ever so slightly different.
  6. ^^^ Yup... ditto.
  7. Interesting, thanks! At least now I know to check things out in person if I feel picky about the placement :p
  8. oooh, that's interesting. i never noticed that before. learn something new everyday