Can anyone "enlighten" me? Python vs Anaconda Bag

  1. I just realize that chloe makes two types of snakeskin bags, Python and anaconda. What's the different? Does the anaconda have smaller scales compared to python and the anconda is softer, too? This is my guess, I still don't really know the different. Thanks!
  2. The anaconda is much softer, I have it in a Silverado Shopper and it is beautiful!
  3. True. If I hadn't seen it in a dept store I would never had believed the anaconda skin was legit. It feels like suede, not at all like my python, which feels more like paper (not describing this right, but something close).

    Both are gorgeous in their own right.

    Python can not be purchaesd in CA though.
    Anaconda can.
  4. ITA.... you are right on the money nefredity!