Can anyone else not access the lv website?

  1. ahhhhhh panic ive tried like 15 times it wont let me it says some sort of problem!!! i have both internet explorer (which allways screws up on the lv site and closses automatically) and firefox niether will let me access the site!
  2. Yea, it says the page cannot be found for me =/
  3. oh thank god im not the only one hopefully it will be back up soom im going out to dinner now so everyone enjoy your night/day bye
  4. Not working for me either...
  5. Maybe they're updating their website right now?
  6. I cannot access the site either... hope they are posting new item pictures haha....:love:
  7. I cant access the site, and i just can't buy anything (maybe LV knows i've exceeded my budget already, like for next year lol):lol:
  8. Not working for me either.
  9. If they're updating and opening the webshop for ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES at the moment? :nuts:

    Let's hope so!
  10. Not working for me, must be updating site.
  11. :sad:
  12. well hopefully thats the reason lol and although we have to suffer now later we can enjoy the new stuff on the site
  13. I've been s.o.l. with it all night.
  14. It's back up !
  15. It was down last night for upgrades.