Can anyone else feel their lymph nodes in their neck?

  1. I got a cold about a month ago. I am no longer experiencing any of the symptoms but on both sides of my neck, I can feel a small bump. I believe that they are my lymph nodes and they were sore when I was sick. But are you still supposed to feel them even after you have been sick. I also have had one that is underneath my chin that I can feel and it is hard. I am not entirely sure if this is a silly question or not. I asked a couple of my friends about the on that is under my chin...they have said that they cannot feel theirs. Just wondering if anyone else can feel theirs and what exactly it feels like? Thanks in advance!

    Also, this is the first year that I have been really sick multiple times. Normally I can make it years without experiencing a cold.
  2. Normally, you shouldn't be able to feel them. Wait a few days to see if they clear up, if not you should see a doctor.
  3. I can feel my lymph nodes, I always could. I just checked under my chin and I could feel it there too.They feel like.... round squishy things??. I'm healthy. I think that is normal. What is not normal is if they are swollen or sore.
  4. They are not squishy. But hard and round lumps. They no longer feel sore though and they are small. I may just head to the doctor to get it checked out. Thanks for your responses.
  5. Mine feel this way too :yes: The one under my chin sometimes "pops out" when I sick and gets bigger and soft and squishy. I have seen my GP and my ENT about this and both say this is normal.

    But still, go get checked out just to make sure it's normal for you ;)

  6. My lymph nodes on the side of my neck almost always get bigger soft squishy and sore when I'm ill. But they return to normal when I recover. Can't feel any lymph nodes under my chin.

    Perhaps you might want to get yours checked out? :smile: Hope the New Year bring you great health!
  7. It's normal to be able to feel your lymph nodes in your neck. Even when you aren't sick. They should be about the size of a pea when well, a bit bigger (about a sourball) when sick. And yeah, they hurt then too.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out what you are feeling under your chin. How far back from your are you touching? Close to your Adam's Apple? (Yes, women have them just not as promedent as men's.)
  8. There are a few under the chin. When I get fever blisters the nodes under my chin usually get bigger for a week or so.
  9. ::::poking around under my chin::::: Nope, still have no idea where my under the chin lymph nodes are. nothing there but my jaw bpne and throat.
  10. -Me, too- when I get coldsores my nodes enlarge and are tender.
  11. I don't know if it's normal to be able to feel one's lymph nodes but I'd strongly suggest seeing a doctor to get a professional opinion on it. Get two or three if you have to just to be positive.
  12. I can feel mine. I first noticed them about ten years ago when I was sick. I felt them and I asked the doctor I was dating about the balls on my neck. He felt them and just sort of shrugged, didn't seem concerned.
  13. The one under my chin is close to my neck but not that close to my adam's apple.
  14. There are 4 places doctors look for enlarged lymph nodes: following the jawline (the bottom border of your face/chin, basically), down either side of your windpipe, the base of your neck above your collar bone, and the back of your neck/behind your ears. If you've recently been sick any of these places can be swollen or tender, but if swelling (and especially pain) persists for a month or two you might want to get it checked out.
  15. I must be wierd, I cannot feel anything there.

    Although if I DO, then I think I'll see my doctor. Sounds like something you only really feel when you have coldsores, right? So it's a sign of infection.