Can anyone educate me on Nappa leather? I think I know but....

  1. If anyone has a great way to describe nappa leather to me versus deerskin that would be great. I am familiar with Balenciaga leather and Chloe leather, but are either one of those nappa? I don't think so.. but? What is exactly, nappa leather? :shame:
  2. Definition of Nappa Leather found on the Web (via google)

    Nappa Leather - A soft, full grain leather made from an unsplit sheepskin, lambskin, or kidskin, usually tanned with alum and chromium salts and dyed throughout.

    Nappa leather is extremely soft and supple and is commonly found in higher quality wallets, toiletry kits, and other personal leather goods. (Wikipedia)

    Nappa Leather is extremely soft, supple and luxurious, ideal for special occasions and whenever you want a dressier look. (Dansko)
  3. NAPPA is SOFTER...deerskin is the MOST durable out of the two..I personally like the softer better however Prada makes the most KILLER deerskin so I buy it too.....Depends on how structured you like your bags to be too..Nappa is smushier..Prada has the best deerskin bags out imho..Their leather is TDF..Look at the ANTIC Cervo bags......
  4. Thanks guys! I had one SA tell me that Deerskin was very delicate and then one SA told me that Nappa was the more delicate... Had me confused, which of course is ssooooo hard to do :p . I am just learning about these bags and so far I know, well, almost nothing... I do know this: I won't sleep tonight because I have two bags arriving tomorrow morning for me to decide on over the weekend! Thanks to a special someone (okay - can I say... JILL) I found the antic cervo satchel I was looking for in the deerskin and in the cacoa color. But - then I saw the Nappa Gauffre in the rouched style and it looks beautiful too! I am going to have a tough decision to make so feel free to weigh in on it. I really am very casual and want a bag that takes my drab wardrobe up a notch, but at the same time still be very neutral and maybe even get me thru most of the seasons (if not all ). The gauffre is I believe a little smaller than the antic I have coming. Anyway - thank-you for clearing this up. I am not rough on my bags - I baby them to death, but I like to know that I have a leather that is going to be on my side in helping me do this. Thanks again!
  5. ^LOL! OK...wheres the pics!!!!!!!???????????????
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