Can anyone do a modelling of reissue in 225 and Medium Classic Flap for me?

  1. Hi! I'm just wondering how big is the difference between a Reissue in size 225 and the Medium Classic Flap.. Is the size much, much smaller than the Medium Classic Flap? And how much can a Reissue 225 can fit? TIA!

  2. hi! I don't have modeling pictures of the two side by side, but since I have both, I could tell you that the medium classic flap fits a bit more than the 225. The medium classic flap is a tiny bit taller (not by much) and the only reason why you could fit a bit more in the classic is because the width is deeper. For example, in the medium, I could fit my sidekick, compact, lipstick, cigarettes and a small credit card holder. But in the reissue, I could fit all that EXCEPT my cigarettes. HTH :smile:
  3. Thanks sweetsparkle! That's nice to know.. I just imagine how a 225 will look like.. And is the medium classic flap nearer to the reissue 225 or 226??
  4. Rica the med/large classic flap is by 1cm bigger than the 225 reissue-in length and height-so it's closer to it-the 226 reissue is 1 inch or 2.5cm bigger than then med/large classic bag BTW in your thread "Any light silver reissue owners" I've posted a comparison pix-it's the third one but I can't convert it to a thumbnail here lol!:s
  5. yes it's definitely closer to the 225 but it fits more like a 226. does that make sense?
  6. So... The Medium Classic Flap is more like a Reissue 225.. Isn't it?
  7. heh Rica, here are pics of me and my 225 reissue, and my medium classic flap for comparison! hope that helps!;)
  8. Thanks nightshade! :biggrin: I think the 225 looks much smaller than the medium classic flap with your pics.. Oh well.. I haven't seen a 225 IRL.. That's why.. Thanks guys! :biggrin:
  9. its probably due to the way im carrying them, i find that they're not very different, size-wise, IRL ;)
  10. rica, sorry it took me a while to post pics of the 225 vs med flap modeling pics...

    here they are! they are also in the 'action pics' subforum too

    they are very similar but the 225 reissue is flatter and narrower in width. The reissue's drop is also longer.





    OMG, nightshade's bags are exactly like mine!! hehe we have such similar taste!
  11. ^ Beautiful!! :girlsigh:
  12. I think the 226 size will be perfect for you.
  13. Wow anne! Thanks for the pics!! It's soo helpful! I think the size in 225 is not bad at all! I think it's perfect small bag.. I thought that it was small but it actually isn't! Thanks a lot nightshade and anne! They are really helpful! Will plan on getting 225 too.. Hehe! :smile:
  14. no worries rica, glad we could help :yes:
    and YES the 225 is totally underrated, i think its a lovely size, seriously!