Can anyone discuss the + and - of Vernis Bedford & Steelwood? PICS?

  1. :confused1: Can anyone differentiate the difference between the Vernis Bedford and the Steelwood? I have searched for actual pics of members bags of each and can only find the bedford. I have absolutely no clue as to what the Steelwood would look like let alone feel like on....Please help as I want to go to Vuitton on Tuesday and your opinion will matter:flowers: on what i decide to do.
  2. I have 2 bedfords and while I love the shape/style of them, they are soo hard to get in and out of! It is a real pain, so I rarely carry them. I have pics of mine -- baby blue and fuchsia -- in my show your bags post.
  3. I haven't met anyone who owns a Stillwood! I personally did not like the fact that the top is so open. If it had some sort of closure, I would have bought one in indigo - I love the look.
  4. I love the Bedford bags. I find them to be very beautiful due to the lovely vernis leather and they are quite unique looking due to their shape. I do not find it hard to get in and out of my bag. I now have one Bedford in red. I also had a bronze one but I parted with it since I have a bronze Forsyth GM. A fuchsia Bedford is in my very near future. Carrying a Bedford is indeed eye candy that the person carrying it enjoys herself.
  5. I agree! I scratch my hand everytime I try to get my hand into my bedford it's ridiculous!
  6. That's why I got rid of mine! I have really thin skin and no bag is worth scratched up hands!
  7. Yup..I agree with everyone. I LOVE my Peppermint Bedford and will never get rid of it, but it's just SUCH a pain to get into.
  8. i have two Bedfords and i love them. but they're such a pain to take care of, and difficult to get into because the zipper doesn't open all the way like the Papillons.
  9. Hello everyone! Thank you SOOOO much for all the responses. I have greatly enjoyed hearing all the opinions. I think I will have to try on the steelwood and see how she feels. I still REALLY want the roxbury however she is sold out =(. I have decided that I will not get the bedford, just for simplicity sake as I have a 2 year old and I need my hands to get in and out a LOT =) Maybe that's wht the steelwood would be the best ticket? Hmmmmm....
  10. Oh did you mean Stillwood? The thing I don't like about that is the top..the handle area is odd because you'd HAVE to hold it with just your hands, it couldn't really be held on the crook of your arms unless they're really thin. Also, the bag tends to look odd with a strap. Have you thought about a Reade? Those are easy to get into if you need to.
  11. The Stillwood looks weird to me. The Bedford looks cute but I'm steering clear of it cause of the zipper issue.