Can anyone direct me to a *real* Jimmy Choo Ramona in Patent?

  1. Hello,

    I know I am late to the party on this one, but I am suddenly obsessed (you know what I mean...) with finding a Choo Ramona in bordeaux patent (please please please) or black patent. Thanks to TPF's knowledgeable group, I have decided that every patent one on eBay is a fake. :cursing: Example

    eBay: auth JIMMY CHOO black patent leather RAMONA $1650 NR! (item 170085527724 end time Mar-02-07 18:16:31 PST)

    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of an authentic patent leather Choo (new or gently used)?

  2. Have you tried calling department stores? I know that some Nordstrom stores carry Jimmy Choo bags.
  3. I saw patent Ramonas and Rikkis in San Francisco on Friday. Try Saks or the Jimmy Choo boutique located in Bloomies. Number for Saks is 415-438-5447 (they had a black patent Ramona and blue patent Rikki). Main number for Bloomies is 415-856-5300 (they had a black patent Rikki). Good luck!
  4. If I'm not mistaken I saw one in Saks in New Orleans not too long ago.
  5. The patent Ramonas/Rikis have been sold out worldwide for some time, and my JC SA told me that they aren't making any more. So you're really gonna have to hunt for this one. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the leads! You all are the best! :nuts: I'll give those places a try and cross my fingers... :smile:
  7. Eureka! :yahoo: Valerieb, I owe you a big one! Saks in SF had a black patent Ramona (they also still have the blue patent Riki, for anyone else looking). The power of the handbag network is alive and well.

    Thanks all!!
  8. Yeah! That's great news. Please post pics when you get it. I love my Ramona (bordeaux patent), and I'm sure you'll love your Ramona too!
  9. I think that's exactly what Saks in N.O. had, a black patent Ramona and a blue patent Riki. They must get similar shipments. I was looking for a black leather Riki so no luck for me though. I'm still waiting on getting it from a boutique. I've been having all kinds of issues ordering this bag.
  10. Zophie, good luck finding your black Riki! The Saks website has the new distressed leather/snake edging Riki in black to pre-order. It is quite nice, but I am sure you have seen that, and I know how it is once you get your mind set on something.... :p
  11. Congrats, please post pics when you get yours. =)
    Valerieb rocks! =)
  12. Good luck Zophie, hope you can find one soon. =)
  13. I got a call from UPS and my Riki should be delivered tomorrow! I hope I'll be here when it comes.