Can anyone describe...

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  1. Can anyone who has been to outlets recently describe the type of things they had there and prices please ! I couldn't find a sticky on this which I swear there was one before. Thanks !
  2. I won't be so good on prices but I can tell you what they had....

    They had a line of pebbled products in the creamy white/pink/black, there was the watercolor line w/ wristlets, mini skinnies, bags of all sizes, scarves, lunch totes in khaki sig with white trim, some navy ones, black ones, straw bags with black or white patent trim, turtle keyfobs were new, a orange/white/green polka dot scarf, they had some pebbled ergos, some wallets from the fall patchwork collection w/ the ocelot. Ummm what else... oh a lot of khaki signature products with this deep turquoise trim... bags, wristlets, minis, photo holders, contact cases, etc. They still had some scribble, patchwork and hamptons weekend products too as well as some small sig bags in tan and pink and light blue w/ white, and leather bags in light blue and tan (not sure of the styles, I didn't pay too much attention).

    I hope that helps! Sorry I can't provide prices or offer better descriptions!
  3. Thank you so much !