Can anyone describe the difference between Mouse and Grey?

  1. Pics would be wonderful too...I'm all confused - are these the same colored
    bags? thanks!
  2. There's a Marc by Marc Jacobs color called Mouse Grey. It's a bit purpley...:shrugs:
  3. Are you referring to the current Mouse Grey of the MbyMJ line and the Grey of the MJ line? Or do you mean the original Mouse Grey (i.e., MJ Stam) of a few years ago and the current grey??

    I just bought a Groovee Satchel in Mouse Grey & think it's more of a taupe-ish grey. The grey of the MJ Soft Calf line (that is currently in stores) is the one that has the purple undertones. In fact, when I first saw the ZC at Nordstroms I thought it was the Lilac color. It wasn't until I looked at the tag that I realized that it was the "new" Grey.

    Do you have particular bags in mind?
  4. if you are referring to mj collection mouse vs. fall 07 grey, mouse is a lighter, taupe-y toned grey whereas fall 07 grey is a darker true grey.

    here's a pic of my grey quilted zc for reference and a mouse hobo stam

    mj zip clutch in grey.jpg
  5. I think mouse from fall 06 is a bit more of a taupe color, meaning it has some brown undertones. Grey from fall 07 is more of a dark true grey color IMO.
  6. The Mouse Grey of the current MbyMJ collection -

    here's a Christy Hobo in the Current Grey color

  7. OH! I love that MBMJ! Which one is that? I haven't seen that before~ It is so cute!!!!!
  8. I think that's a Dr.Q Groovee Bag, I have essentially the same bag (Dr.Q Dakota Tote) but it's much taller.
  9. Thanks everyone !! That definitely cleared it up for me!!! ;)