Can anyone describe/show the denim color?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone could describe what Coach's denim blue looks like or show pictures of their bags/wallets in that color. I.e., how much darker is it than pond? How bright? Is it like royal blue?
  2. Hi. Which denim blue? The Optic?
  3. No, it looks like a brighter blue leather. Maybe it's inaccurately described?
  4. are you talking about the new one in the catalog?
  5. eBay: NWT Coach Pebbled Blue Hamptons Carryall tote 5055 (item 140086814226 end time Feb-22-07 21:49:55 PST)
    No, this bag. I really want it, but I wanted to see if anyone else had seen the color in person. I hope it's not a bright, royal blue color.
    Also, any ideas on whether this is a good deal? I saw they have the Hamptons carryall in pond in the new catalogue, but this one is still blue and significantly less expensive...
    Thanks, by the way!