Can anyone confirm...

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  1. I heard the other day that coach was coming out with a new patchwork in a few weeks,can anyone confirm this? (I think it's probabley not true because they just came out with the denim and khaki ones)<-- maybe that was what they were talking about? wondering if anyone else has heard anything:confused1:
  2. The only new patchwork Coach is producing is the indigo and khaki/gold patchwork we just released. I'm sure that's what you were hearing about.
  3. There will be two new patchworks this fall/winter, however I don't know what they will look like. There will be another carly bag in patchwork and also a holiday patchwork.
  4. This may sound weird. A friend of my husband's wife ( i don't really know her and she is not on TPF) spends hundreds a month in coach, she always gets the latest stuff. Well I guess she has this Patchwork Ergo Hobo, my husband saw her with it on the train. He said it is not out yet and she has had it for a few weeks now. I showed him the one on the website and he asked her and she said that wasn't it, she has some special preferred status and gets stuff that isn't out yet.
  5. I just completely read that wrong!!
  6. The outlets have a new PW.
  7. lol! my husband's co-worker's wife !
  8. Is this the new outlet Patchwork?

  9. yup! it's not very pretty IMO, I hate to say it, but it almost looks like the fakes!
  10. i saw that outlet patchwork . . . not too fond of it
  11. It does look fake! i'm def. not liking it.