Can anyone confirm the price increase on Wed.

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  1. In another tread someone posted there is going to be a price increase next Wed. Can someone else confirm that. There are a few things I wanted to buy in 2 weeks when out on our TPF get together but if there is going to be an increase I won't wait.

    I would call but I don't have a regular SA I shop with. So I have no one to ask.

  2. Yes, I just spoke to the store less than 15 minutes ago....I called to let them know I hadn't forgotten the thing I have paid for, just haven't had a chance to pick it up....and she told me....

    "Also, so you know, there is a price increase on the 11th."

    So there you go :crybaby:
  3. This is for the US right?
  4. Oh, no! :crybaby::crybaby:

    Thanks for the confirmation, Twinkle!
  5. Correct
  6. Yup def happening, I want to get the passy Gm but there is no way I cant get it before WED. I will just pick up some small things I want, Like a wallet or cles.
  7. Stupid stupid stupid. Good thing I've gotten what I've gotten so far. :tdown:
  8. Yuppers!! price increase in the US for sure. I couldn't believe it when I was told. All of a sudden I'm trying to make a mental list of everything I wanted to get and if it goes up more than 6% we're screwed.
  9. Ah thank god I got my Saleya and my wish list is, for the moment, empty.
  10. Drats! What's the deal? So I have been shopping wiht LV for the last year and this will be the 2nd onein less than a year. Is this normal? Are they always this frequent?
  11. Yah, my SA called to let me know it's happening on the 11th. I guess it will differ and it's not a straight percentage across the board. I believe that some bags won't be increased as well. The MC speedies will increase by about $100. I forgot to ask about the Suhali line. Seems the percentage are higher than some. I guess the manager was saying it was about a 2.9% increas or something. When she looked at the price for the Mini Lin speedy for me, the price was going to be the same. So it won't be too excess.
  12. ^^OMG that makes the MC Speedies over 2k now!! :wtf:
    That is absolutely insane.
  13. At first i read that as "The MC speedies will increase by about 100%" Which as good as floored me - lol. Glad I was mistaken, though price increase = boohoo
  14. ^
    If it's only US you shouldn't worry too much. ;)
  15. I think it's just because the US dollar has fallen so much - makes the pieces more expensive to manufature in France or Spain. But enough with the price increases - I don't think I could spend $2000 for a MC Speedy!!!