can anyone confirm? RED f/w

  1. I spoke w/ my SA and she told me that there's gonna be another red color for f/w..she said that it's gonna be w/ the classique chains.

    has anyone heard this?
  2. I have not heard this.......will it be a deep dark red?
  3. Perhaps it is the bordeaux color that the GST and Medallion Tote will be available in?
  4. im not sure though coz i just asked her if she can still find a red jumbo for me (for a friend) and she said that there's a red color w/ classic chains for f/w ..coming out sometime Sept.

    so im just asking if anyone heard this from their SAs too
  5. I saw a red jumbo(dark distressed like red) from the new season that was the strangest bag ever!!! It had the old chain but it locked like the reissue(no classic cc lock). I was not thrilled, the color looked kind of dull...
  6. There is a jumbo flap with the Madmoiselle lock... (aka the reissue lock.)
  7. That's the one i saw then!!! It hasn't been discussed so much in the forum so i was not well informed...
  8. Thanks for the info Amour!
    I'd love a classic red - hope what your SA said is true.
  9. ooooohhhhh amour, I hope it is true!
  10. anyone confirmed this yet? heehheeh i NEED a bright red flaP!
  11. I saw in Chanel look book the new red code is 81448. No idea what kind red it is.
  12. I asked Brendan at Chanel 57th St. NYC boutique about this and he said the only "new" red that might come for fall is a red jersey material. We looked up the color code in the computers for that red jersey flap and it was a different code from the spring '07 red....could've been 81448 but I don't recall precisely.
  13. Only jersey material? Don't they know they can makes lots of money by bringing the red caviar flaps back? Sometimes I feel like they just don't care about what we want.
  14. ^true. same goes for violet. I would buy ten if I could! ....But then I would be in some serious debt, so maybe it's a good thing. :sweatdrop:
  15. red jersey? ahhh dammit... i neeeeeeeed a red jumbo BADLY!