can anyone confirm coach discount after donating to breast cancer research?

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  1. I just heard from my co-worker that Coach will be doing a special sponsor/promotion thing with breast cancer awareness around late september-october(breast cancer awareness month), where you purchase a coupon for $1 to take 25% off your entire purchase. Does anyone else have anymore details on this, or can confirm this?
  2. I have never heard of anything like that. I would think Coach would want a bigger doantion though than a dolar if it's true that is/.
  3. Hmm....I know Macy's has something like that going on next month, but it excludes Coach.:sad:
  4. They have done something like this at Tanger outlet centers, and the Coach outlets there accepted the coupons, but I have never heard of an equivalent for the full price boutiques.
  5. Sounds like a possible outlet special to me.. I don't know about boutiques..
  6. ok, thanks ladies! i'll ask my SA as well.
  7. I've heard about this at Tanger Outlets also. Probably just an outlet thing.
  8. Sept. 18th through Oct. 19th You can go to any tanger outlet and purshase as many pink cards you want for 1.00 cash each which will be donated to breast cancer research. You get them at the coach outlet and they are worth 25% off 1 item per coupon at many of the outlet stores including coach and they are in additon to any other discount. I purchased a 440.00 dollar purse last year for 180.00 after all my discounts. Tanger has donated over 4 million dollars since 1994 to breast cancer research.
  9. Yep, it's at the Tanger outlets. You can order your coupon(s) at on the 17th. HTH!
  10. I just called the SA at my Tanger and starting on the 17th if you donate $1.00 to breast cancer awareness you get a 25% off coupon for ONE item and my local Coach outlet is TAKING PART in it! I'll start saving up right now!!!! It's true! It's true! I'm gonna save all my pennies until then! More legacy I come!!!!
  11. So we can buy as many coupons as we want and use them all at Coach?
  12. I don't think the Barstow store is participating. I'm crushed
  13. I may have to get one of those when they are available. Hopefully they will still be valid when the new outlet legacy line comes out. Hopefully the outlet legacy line will be nice :smile:
  14. Yes, this is a great deal. I got my Chelsea Abbey last year for $299 using one of these coupons. I'm hoping I can find something wonderful this year too. Happy shopping everyone!
  15. Does anyone know the expiration date on the coupons? Ony that weekend? TIA!