Can anyone compare the shape of bolide to LV's alma?

  1. nevermind . . . I was giving you the alma measurements I did not realize you already had it
  2. amytude, you're correct! I think tho, that the Alma is a little deeper, front to back than the 31 Bolide...and a little taller but that is from memory not by having the bags in front of me.

    If you like the Alma style, I feel you'll like the Bolide. I specifically looked for the Bolide when at Hermes because I DID like the Alma so much....and as it turned out, I love the Bolide more. It's softer and easier to use.

  3. Amy the Alma is wider at the top so it looks more squared off. The Bolide is more graceful and sleeker IMO. I'm a big fan of Bolide:heart:
  4. 7 inches deep for the Alma sounds too deep, may be a typo? I think the bolide is about 4 inches deep--it's in a post somewhere...
  5. Here is a pic from HarleyNeema, from the "ode to the bolide" thread.....

  6. They do look similar!
  7. Thanks so much! I very much love the LV epi leather & I'm considering it. Of course, Hermes would be the "ultimate", but I think I'd rather get a Kelly. Of course, I've been thinking abt the whole thing & I've decided to start saving for a tummy tuck. Yippeee...purses & plastic surgery (can you tell it's been a HARD day?)! :wacko:
  8. The Alma is very wide at the base as I recall. The bolide is also taller and not as squat looking. I never owned a bolide and haven't used my alma in someting like ten years so this is all from how I recall how the Alma felt. I think the Bolide would be easier to use.
  9. I used to love the LV alma and that's probably why I now love the bolide - similar style and easy to use!
  10. I have an Alma and it is very wide at the bottom and also shorter from top to bottom than the Alma.

    They are very, very nice bags but I imagine a Bolide would be even nicer!
  11. IF you get a Bolide, no one will notice your tummy because they will be oogling your bag! So you actually can save money by skipping the tuck and getting the H bag!
  12. ^ lol, nicely done, saligator! :roflmfao:
  13. that LV bag in the linke, the alma, looks more like the web than it does the bolide.

    and re. the tummy tuck, i am totally going with saligator's theory. i know it's the one i'll personally enjoy more. lol
  14. The Bolide's zipper is much easier and smoother, handles are longer and I prefer the slimmer profile of the Bolide. Bolide has one zipper, Alma has two.

    Yup - the Alma is very close to the Web bag (also with 2 zippers. :smile: