Can anyone compare the shape of alma to a Hermes bolide?

  1. I also posted this in the Hermes forum, hope it's OK to post here. Are these shapes basically the same?
  2. From my point of view, they do look similar, but not totally alike
  3. I actually prefer the Alma over the Bolide.
  4. I noticed this when I was at Hermes the other day... they do have similar shapes, but I prefer the Alma.
  5. They're very similiar although the Louis Vuitton one is smaller and more structured and usually made of cotton-coated canvas while the Bolide is made of fine leather and exotic skins.
  6. You can have the Alma made in croc or ostrich..

    Anyway there are a lot of different versions of the Alma, I tend to prefer that one. I have the white MC one. If I was going to get an Hermes it would of course, be a Birkin.
  7. I agree. I've got the black MC Alma, and I do love her!
  8. Oh yes! Snag me a blue one while you're at it!
  9. Well, I think how structured it is depends on the Hermes leather (say, clemence vs. chevre). I also think there is a rigide bolide. I forgot to mention I'm looking at the epi alma.

    I actually don't care that much for birkins. Kellys on the other hand...:yes:
  10. double post, sorry