Can anyone compare the GST to the new Cotton Club tote? Which is the bag for me!?

  1. this is actually my very first excursion into chanel. I hope I won't be dissapointed. :shame:

    I'm actually looking for a reasonably structured bag. For reference, I use the LV Epi Alma now but wouldn't mind something a little bit bigger.

    While the GST would probably be the best bet and most people's answer, I'm always drawn to new collections for their exclusivity. Hehe. Although, I saw pictures of some people's beige GST and thought it was GORGEOUS:heart:

    Can anyone who has experience with both compare the two? I'm an attorney, and might be using the bag for work etc. Also, would the bronze (in the cotton club tote) be too over the top metallic?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. I have the black with silver GST and ordered the Cotton Club tote in blue.

    The GST is thicker from front to back due to the three compartments. The leather, being caviar, is also thicker and more structured. Although the CC tote is a structured bag, the leather has more "give" - it's flexible - or at least the display bag I saw at the trunk show earlier this month fit that description.

    None of the CC bags are a true metallic. They have a pearly sheen, except for the black, which I think is more flat/matte.
  3. If i had to chose it would probably be the pretty
  4. I was comparing them side by side, and found that size and shape wise, they are very similar.

    I never bought the GST because it didn't hold enough... I suppose the fact that there are three compartments makes it less roomy. The CC has the flap with just the zipper and I think it holds more.

    My CC tote is on hold and there is a good chance I will get it. I love the distressed leather! I also like the fact that is softer. The sides of the GST are so stiff and structured that it is difficult to maneuver in a crowded subway!
  5. I agree w/ Ro:yes:
  6. I love the GST..I'd go with that one :love:
  7. with silver hardware...
  8. GST gets my vote.
  9. GST would be great for work, especially in a law office. It is classic and professional looking. Also, it looks perfect with a pair of jeans and t-shirt!!
  10. Gosh, I am so on the Chanel fence on these two bags myself. I am on the list for both and totally torn.
  11. i love my black GST w/silver hardware...its so practical for work..looks great casually with jeans too...with that said, after seeing pics of the CC, i like that tote about getting both :idea:
  12. I would also go for the GST.....especially if you are going to use it for your profession. It seems more conservative of a bag to me than the cotton club. I think the zipper on the cotton club makes the bag a bit more casual.
  13. Agreed.
  14. GST gets my vote. :heart: