Can anyone compare cafe 07 and marron 04 please?

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  1. Does anyone own both? Or seen both? And have a good eye for color? I'm trying to find a marron 04 in better shape than the one I have and failing miserabley. Is the cafe 07 very close? A rich, warm brown, with redwood undertones?
  2. Oh, my, your maroon 04 is falling apart!? I'm sorry to hear that...:sad:

    I have both of the colors, and they're not similar at all. Cafe is about 1,2 shades darker than maroon, and you don't see red undertones in Cafe at all. The true color of Cafe is dark chocolate (think of a dark chocolate bar)whereas Maroon is a warm, dark brick color.

    If you want the same/similar color, wait for Maroon 04 to pop up on eBay or wait for new season colors.

    Good Luck:yes:
  3. There is one on eBay now but it's purse style......:smile:
  4. Agreed with above... the two colours are no where near the same.

    04 marron is one of my absolute fave colours for bbags - such a rich complex and interesting colour!!!
  5. ok, <sigh>. Thanks for your help. You've saved me from making a big mistake.