can anyone authenticate this prada/seller?

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  1. Can anyone authenticate this prada bag?

    This seller has a number of discount bags, but the discounts are so huge I am not sure if I trust them.

    I spoke with an online rep and this is what she said:
    Chrissy: Hi. I was wondering if your handbags are authentic.
    Lauren: Yes, all of our items are authentic.

    Chrissy: is there any way to authenticate the items? and where do the products ship from?
    Lauren: The purses all come with an authentication card from the manufacturer. We are located in Florida.
    Chrissy: one last question
    Chrissy: actually 2
    Chrissy: how long has your site/buisness been in operation
    Lauren: Sure.
    Lauren: Our owner has been in business for over 25 years and our website has been in business for the last 3 years.
    Chrissy: is this one also just very dark brown: Prada Large Leather Handbag (BR1594) - Dark Mocha
    Lauren: Please hold one moment.
    Chrissy: one other thing about that bag - it says - "signature Prada badges adorn the inside and outside of the bag." where are the badges located because i dont see them
    Lauren: For this purse the signature badge is on the inside of the bag which they dont take a picture of. I believe Dark Mocha is a black not brown.
    Chrissy: mocha is usually a description for brown
    Lauren: Let me double check. Please hold one moment.
    Lauren: Okay, it is a very dark brown and the signature label is on one side of the bag as well as inside the bag.
  2. Please post in AUTHENTICATE THIS thread at the top of this forum.We will try to help u there
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