Can anyone authenticate this 'Kooba'?

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Vicki Y

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Jan 29, 2010
I purchased this bag on ebay, from a seller with 100% pos feedback, and who, I believe, really thinks the bag is authentic. But upon receipt, I am not so sure. She purchased it at a Kooba sale in NYC, with no tags or dust bag - her receipt says Kooba LLC NY, NY. I found something about a Kooba sample sale in NYC in December. Could this bag be a sample or a prototype that was not marketed?

The bag's hardware looks authentic, and the inside is designed just like my other Koobas. The style resembles the Gabi, but this one has double handles, which I couldn't tell in the auction pics - the Gabi has a single handle (as does the larger version Ricki, which I have). Also, it's a much thinner, lighter weight leather than my Ricki, and the edges of the bottom leather panel are raw/unfinished - not rolled/tucked under the stitching like my other Koobas.

Like anyone else, I don't want to pay Kooba dollars for a fake; and, I'm concerned about lead content in bags from unknown sources. Any input would be appreciated! (I emailed contacts on the Kooba website, but got no response, maybe because I did not buy it from an authorized seller??)


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