Can anyone authenticate this Kooba?

  1. it looks pretty good to me but you have the rest of the day before the auction is up wait for my fellow kooba ladies to give more opinions they will come! :smile:
    But i think the reason its so low is because it is used, she is telling you that there are signs of wear and its not in perfect shape, and i think its an older design on the sienna,,,,

    cause now the siennas are all embossed (I like the smooth better)

    but maybe thats why? cause its old and used? but it looks great to me, wait hear some other girls (maybe an owner of a sienna!)
    and then bid if it all seems right! goodluck let us know tonight how it goes
  2. "cause now the siennas are all embossed (I like the smooth better)"

    Not all the new Siennas are embossed. Embossed are the etching of flowers/designs (or whatever they are) on the Sienna and Scarletts that are on sale all over. I think they only come in Black and Cognac. Kooba only put out one embossed Sienna. The newer Bags just have various textures of leather.

    The Bag looks okay to me. It's just used.
  3. O i didnt know that! I guess maybe it was the different textured leather that i mistook for the embossed stuff and so i thought it was all the ones ive seen!

    i never look too closely as i dont love the embossed look and so i guess from the small pictures online the embossed, and textured leather kind of look the same,,,,

    thanks Lexie now i kNO!
  4. Here is the embossed Kooba. I was never thrilled with the design so I never got one. They are pretty much on sale all over now. I like the brown/cognac one better I think.