Can anyone authenticate this juicy bag?

  1. Tia !
    Juicy 1.jpg Juicy2.jpg Juicy4.jpg Juicy5.jpg
  2. I have the Mini Bowler from this line & everything looks right on the one you posted. The inside pocket has the right zipper pull, the lining is the correct color & both the leather juicy tag & the materials tag are the same. I purchased mine at Nordstrom last year & love it. A good thing I learned from this forum is to carry a white eraser in your bag to take care of any marks or color transfer, it helps a lot!

    Cute bag.
  3. looks right. i saw one at Nordstrom rack today. selling for $180+tax =) (in a dusty mauve colour)
  4. Thanks, ladies !

    Woo, I have to go to Racks tomorrow. I carry a eraser when I wear white shoes also! People think I am weird when they find eraser in my purse.. lol.