Can anyone authenticate a Bayswater?

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  1. It looks authentic to me and I've got a number of Mulberrys. All the markings are right and the metalware is in the right colour. Hope that helps.
  2. Yep, it helps! Thank you! :smile:
  3. bag looks ok but have a look right back at feedback buyer claims that she sold a fake bag this would put me right off! Ask to see underneath the metal tag inside the bag if there is a serial number then it is a fake!
  4. Wow, you're a very thorough feedback reader! Thanks for the advice, I do appreciate it!
  5. No probs, welcome. I always check feedback in seller/buyer if there are negatives you must hunt back see what they are for
  6. My usual is to check and see if there are any negatives in the last six months--at least for smaller-ticket items. For this much $$--whoof. Yeah, I needed to double-check!
  7. Hello! I´m thinking aboat buying an Mulberry Bayswater, and found this on eBay:

    I have asked for more pictures, witch I hope has been sendt to my e-mail now but I´m not quite sure if the color is right, I have never seen that color on a Mulberry. Also, I think the leather looks "used" on the close-up even though the bag is said to be new.

    Thanks for any tips that might come! :smile:
  8. please visit our Mulberry Forum and post this in the Authenticate This Mulberry thread we already provided there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.