Can anyone answer a Gustto question?

  1. I am confused about the lining in an authentic Gustto. I was convinced that they only used a black logo on yellow/gold material for the lining (and that, therefore, that would be one way to spot a conterfeit bag).

    But now I've come across a couple of retail websites that feature Baca bags with a plain solid yellow/gold fabric lining.

    My question is: does this seem right? Why would Gustto feature bags from the same line with different linings? (Almost all of the Baca bags I've seen on eBay have the solid lining).
  2. Maybe post some of these websites you're talking about?

    Gustto has been known to vary minor details in their bags..

    Typically, the bag should have a golden yellow bengaline lining.
  3. Well, Revolve and Active Endeavors are both legit sites, so I would think both linings would be authentic.

    I have the yellow lining with black print on my Parina. However, I think it's completely plausible for them to vary their linings and have the plain yellow as well. I have seen similar things happen with other brands as well.

    HTH! :smile:
  4. hi! there have been several posts about this..try searching for them...i know that people had said there were differences in the linings but that they were all authentic...
  5. Ah, welcome to the world of the Bacas. The details can be different--linings with black GUSTTO and those with the so-called 'ghetto' lining--sort of cheesy shiny fabric, with no wording at all. The inside GUSTTO leather tag can have 'Designed in USA' or nothing. I would recommend you doing a search for BACA or GUSTTO on this site to check these details out.

    And as far as I know, both Active Endeavors and Revolve Clothing are very authentic (and there is that wonderful 30% discount for first time customers on Revolve).

    The fake Bacas seemed to have very wrinkled leather.

    Bacas are wonderful, one of my very faves.
  6. Yep....that great Gustto lining. Ugly yellow whether it's imprinted with black or not. I have 2 Gusttos currently and one has the black imprints and one doesn't. Gustto is not consistant with much of anything. The lining varies from season to season and even bag to bag. The lining would be the easiest thing to fake on that bag since it's so fake-y looking anyway (But don't get me wrong because I love Gustto. The outside makes up for the inside). The fake Gustto's I have seen have a very wrinkled crinkled leather. Someone in here says it looked like burnt skin and that says it all. I'll see if I can find a pic of a fake to show you.

    This beauty sells for 158.00 on Ioffer... :sad:

  7. yea it sucks i dont think any of us have truly figured out how to perfectly tell the real from the fake except for that gross burned skin looking leather

    my baca is authentic and its got the plain ghetto lining no words at all

    but both those sites are 1000000000000% legit so anything from either is for sure authentic!
  8. MY Baca has leather around the inside pocket. I can send you a pic, but I dont know how to shrink my pic to fit. you can always email me
  9. Kelly, you're not the only one who is confused about Gustto lining! We've been going 'round and 'round about this for a while.

    Someone here heard that Gustto is changing who manufactures their bags, and we are all hoping that some consistency comes along with the change.

    Gustto doesn't even use the same zippers on their bags. Most are gold, but some are cheaper plastic.

    Let us know when you order your Baca... those of us here who have them absolutely LOVE them, despite their "flaws". :smile:
  10. Gusttos would be one Rockin Bag if they put in some nice durable lining to go with their great leather. A basic Black Canvas would be better. Anything but shiny yellow crinkly crap.
    I think I'd like to get a Solba one day. It's a smaller bag but so cute.
  11. The difference in the linings is because the plain yellow lining is from 2006, and the beginning of 2007. They started making all new bags with the "Logo" lining sometime in the beginning of 2007. The bags you see on eBay, are from the end of 2006, and beginning of 2007, as well as the ones on Revolve, etc.

    I just received 2 Black Patent Bacas, one from Active Endeavors, and one from a different source, and am somewhat disappointed. Both are Made in China, not Mexico, and have the thicker, much less smooshy leather. They are very well made, but the Baca is known for the soft, smooshy, slouchy leather, and personally, that is what I love about them.

    I hope that this is just a few random batches, and that they will be keeping the charm that got them here in the first place. Love Gustto....
  12. Oh no, the leather is what makes the bacas so desirable!

    I can accept the inconsistencies but not any leather changes. Maybe the ones with patent leather are just different? Next time I am at Nordstrom's, I will 'fondle' their bacas and feel the diffs.
  13. I do have another Patent leather Baca, Made in Mexico, and it is incredibly smooshy. It's just the ones that are Made in China that are completely different in the leather.
  14. I have asked this question myself, trying to determine the authenticity of a Gustto, and it seems that the only way to tell a fake from an authentic is by the quality of the leather because there are soooooo many inconsistencies with Gustto linings.

    Some bags are lined with plain "canary yellow" lining, while others have the "canary yellow" w/black Gustto signature lining. Some inner zippers are trimmed with leather, while others are not. Some inner zippers are yellow, while others are gold and yet even more have a leather pull (similar to the main pull on the bag).

    And the differences can be seen on even the same bags - I was looking at a Rust colored Baca, and had seen pics posted on TPF that had leather trim around the inner zipper pocket and at the top of the cell phone pocket - but the bag I was looking at didn't have this leather trim (both were authentic).

    Gustto did say that they changed manufacturers - earlier bags were made by another distributor, and from what I understand, they are changing yet again. Don't know if this accounts for the differences, but it is very hard to keep track.