Can anybody tell me about "Winter Silk" ?

  1. Hi, I just pushed BIN on eBay for a "winter silk" scarf, and I feel a little silly, because I don't really know exactly what the difference is between that and a regular silk scarf. It just was so gorgeous that I had to have it!

    The seller describes it as "very special- soft and dull"

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what I just bought?


    BTW, this forum has been the best thing for my wardrobe, and the worst thing for my budget ever! Since starting to lurk here a couple of months ago I've brought home a Birkin, several scarves, and 2 cashmere GM shawls! Eeek! :nuts:
  2. let me guess - the scarf is in pastels eg baby pink or baby blue ???

    This , I think refers to the old color system that ws the rage in the 80s, colors were divided into 4 groups & labeled by season

    winter = pale colors, pink, blue

    summer = hot colors, reds, yellow

    fall = olives, rust etc

    spring = brighter pastels

    well, I'm sure someone can find a better description online somewhere
  3. Thanks, marietouchet, but I don't think that's it in this case.

    The seller (and she is a very reliable seller) describes the material as "winter silk."

    I'm sure I'll love the scarf even if it's just the regular silk, but my impression is that it is a different fabric than usual. Is that possible?
  4. Could the seller possibly have meant vintage but misheard and thought he/she had heard 'winter'? Bit of a long shot but vintage silk is different to the usual silk and to add to the confusion, the 70cm 'vintage' scarves are new and not vintage ie old, they merely have the look and feel - ie drapiness and softness of old vintage scarves. What size was the scarf you BINed? can you post the link or item number.
  5. Can we see a pic of it?
  6. ^ It's beautiful .. sorry, i can't help you but i'm sure someone here can. I would wait for Seton

  7. Hmmm, that MY theory blown, lol.

    Best wait for the experts...
  8. Now that I see the scarf ...

    First, there was never anything particular about the silk on Soies Volantes

    Two, it is in dark colors eg for the fall or winter

    Three, ask the seller
  9. But that would be too obvious! LOL!:lol:

    Or, Four, wait and see the scarf!
    I'll report back and let you know what it's like.
  10. That was my thought as well. :p Maybe an inarticulate sa?
  11. "Winter Silk" is a term used to describe a sueded and drapey fabric.....don't know why though but that's usually how it's used. You may find that it's a bit heavier as well.....this is a gorgeous scarf....beautiful colors!
  12. ^ Thanks S'Mom .. I'v just learned something new:tup: