Can anybody recommend a good at home footbath?

  1. I have to start saving up money so that means no more pedicures every two weeks. It's KILLING me man, seriously I'm sad. But I want to have everything I need at home so that I can give myself the best pedicure I can..starting with a good footbath. I can't spend a lot of money so I'm just wondering if anybody here uses a nice one that isn't too expensive? I'm willing to spend up to 60.00 but would prefer something below that. They have a ton of them at Target for cheap but I'm not sure of the quality. Any help would be great!
  2. I got one by Homedics. It is great. It has infrared heat, jet action and water heat. It is called the jetspa ultra. It is white with purple on the top and also has some attachments that you can use to buff, scrub your feet. My friend got it for me off eBay since I didn't have a account. I don't remember what I paid for it but I know I would not pay $$$ on it. I love it. The best thing is that it keeps the water hot. I had another one years ago that did nothing..... I also recomment RawEArth pedicure products, they are the best. I have seen the small kit in a plastic/burlap bag on eBay for under $30.00. Their foot soak is wonderful, their foot mask is the best think to do for your feet. After I do my pedicure with the food spa I end it with the foot mask and my feet are baby soft. Then I polish. It does take some effort but it is well worth it. I love pedicures but went this week and I think I got the 10 minute pedicure---they were just rushing people in and out. I could have done a better job at home. I would maybe do a search of discount homedics foot spas and see what comes up. I guess you can check eBay too.
  3. ^^^Funny you mentioned Homedics. Earlier today I went to ULTA and picked up the 49.00 one, I love it!!