Can Anybody ID This Chloe Silk Dress?

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  1. I've just bought this beautiful dress by Chloe but know nothing about it. I'd seen it on various websites a year or so ago but it was never available in my size so I wasn't able to purchase it. Until now! All I know is it's made of silk and is by the designer Chloe. Does anybody own this dress, or can you tell me more about it? TIA! :flowers:

  2. I can't but I love it, so I just BUMP it up. Hope we'll find out!
  3. I remember these dresses. They were all ocean colours (aqua, green, blue etc.) and some had a 'hole' in the front which looked excellent. I think they did them later on in autumnal colours like chocolate. They are gorgeous and you are really lucky. X
  4. I remember those dresses, they are absolutely gorgeous. I was never able to find one that would fit me though, Chloe runs really large for me.
    Sorry I can't tell you more about it, but where did you manage to find one?
  5. A friend of mine sold this dress to me but she bought it a couple of years ago and doesn't remember any of the details, other than it's by Chloe and made of silk. It should be here this week and I can't wait to wear it! Thanks for your help girls. I'll post some modeling pics when it gets here.
  6. Yay! The dress is here and it's stunning. A little long on me (I'm only 5'1.5) but gorgeous all the same.


  7. Fantastic buy!
  8. Where did you buy it from?
    I also want a dress from Chloe from a past season but I don't know how to get it.
    I say a similar dress like that on a number of celebs, including paris hilton and gemma ward!
    You're so lucky!!
  9. Thanks for the kind comments lovely ladies. :hugs:
    miss_sigh_gone - You've just got to keep your eyes peeled for past Chloe pieces. Have you tried eBay?