Can anybody help me with a potentially fake concert ticket issue on Ebay?

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  1. I'm not sure if this is just for handbag-related Ebay purchases, but I have a question regarding concert tickets.

    So, I've been looking EVERYWHERE for Jonas Brothers tickets. Finally found some on Ebay and I scooped them up right away for a reasonably low price. And when I say reasonably low, I mean way more than face value but below what others were selling them for. Heh. Anyway, I asked the guy if he would accept a best offer and he said yes.

    I know it was stupid considering it was the only thing he's ever sold and he's only purchased a small handfull of things that he's gotten positive feedback on, but I was in a similar situation last year selling concert tickets. I had zero feedback and it didn't necessarily mean I was going to screw somebody over.

    But now I'm getting freaked out that my tickets will be fake. I know the trick that I can hold it up to a light and if it's blue then it's okay. My sister also has tickets to the show so I'm going to compare them with hers.

    My issue is that I'm afraid the seller is going to report them lost or stolen and that would render my tickets completely useless, then pick up another pair at will call and sell them off to another person. Is there any way I can call TicketMaster and have them verify that my tickets have not been reported lost or stolen? I don't have any information but whatever is on the ticket itself. Should I do this right away or wait until the day of the show to make sure he doesn't try anything funny?

    I hope I'm over-reacting and I hate to distrust somebody who hasn't given me any reason to yet but you know how it is on Ebay. I'd rather be safe than sorry. And I'd feel horrible if my friend and I got to the venue and weren't allowed in.

    Can anybody help?
  2. No help right now but I'd suggest going through StubHub next time as they have more checks in place.
    Hope you work it out...
  3. I checked StubHub frequently but their prices were through the roof, and this guy seemed to be a bit more reasonable. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the ass!
  4. I'm pretty sure that if you follow the eBay and paypal rules for buyer protection then you'll at least get your money back. Not what you want I know but at least you wouldn't be out your cash too.
    Did you look on eBay for any ticket policies?
    To be honest it never even occurred to me that people could do that!
  5. Oh man, I know what you mean. I've got tickets to the last game at Yankee Stadium (and I live in New Mexico... I planned a vacation around this game) and I am TERRIFIED that they are fake.
  6. your probably ok..bought & sold tickets on ebay since I'm more familar with them than stub hub.and have never had a problem..not sure when the concert is(my daughter just went to the one at jones beach last night) but i wouldn't leave feedback until you've used them.....did you pay with a credit card thu paypal ?
  7. Yup, I only pay through PayPal and it was the only option offered for this particular auction so it gave me a little more peace of mind. I think I tend to have some mercy on people who have been members for a few years and have very little feedback because I'm the same way...and I haven't been screwed over yet so I'm hoping it doesn't happen this time or else my friend will murder me.

    I think the only thing I'm worried about is him reporting the tickets lost or stolen and then I can't get into the venue. So then he gets issued another pair of tickets to sell and I get screwed with the old, useless ones. It never even crossed my mind either until two days after the sale.

    I'm wondering if I could call TicketMaster and give them the info on my ticket and ask if they're still valid?
  8. Just to go back to StubHub, I sold some tickets with them last year (Spice Girls!) and they are very good. Very protective of the buyer, while offering a lot of ways for sellers to manage their listing and adjust it to get the sale. Fees are high but that's the price of protection for you.
    Are you sure that ticketmaster even reissue lost or stolen tickets? In this day and age of them being bought and sold all the time I would have thought that it's not really practical.
  9. I just looked on and it says they only reissue tickets at their discretion, I'm sure with these being highly sellable tickets they check online for any sales before doing that. If the seller included the seat now in the listing then that would show up on a search.
  10. I always use tickets now.... I just got Carrie underwood tickets for a reasonable price, I dont know how ticketmaster would be able to validate a sale thru ebay (if someone says they're stolen) but if you buy them from tickets now, stub hub they are transfered into your name, at least thats how it worked when I sold Bon Jovi tickets