Can any1 id these shoes?? they're soo cute>>>

  1. Can you guys tell me where Sarah michelle gets her shoes?? they're so cute>>> love the platform with peep and t-strap...thx
  2. they are louboutin
  3. Those are very cute. Hmmm maybe Louboutin?? I wish I could see the shoe from the side.
  4. here ya go... a pic of her trying them on at the louboutin boutique in NY before she left for London:

  5. They are definitely CL.
  6. these are from the Christian Louboutin for J. Mendel collection
  7. Yup, they are Loubies. LOOOOVE them. Rather easy to walk in too, considering the height. They come in this (a dove gray color) and a navy blue version, which are absolutely gorgeous too.

    Sold out in many boutiques, and in some, only by request. My SA had to get mine shipped from California, the last pair in my size. *big grin*

    They are rather pricey, even for Loubies. I remember the bill coming out to be about $820 a pair.

    Good luck finding them!
  8. Does anyone know the style name for this Louboutin shoe? I love that dove grey color as a neutral.
  9. These shoes are currently on sale at Barneys, I just picked up 2 pairs - one in navy, and one in this grey color aout 2 weeks ago. Try calling Barneys NY, they might still have them available in your size. They were on sale for $530 I believe. And I think the next Barneys markdown is happening next week, so you might even be able to get them for cheaper. Good luck.
  10. One word on sizing - these are the first Louboutins that I have encountered that actually run big. I generally wear a size 8.5 or 9 in Louboutins, and I ended up getting a 7.5 in these shoes. But they are very comfortable.
  11. Very cute!!!
  12. Any1 found these shoes in the LA area besides in NYC Barney's? Also, are they TTS? i know somone said they were a bit if i'm 6.5...i should get a 6 huh? This will be my first time buying CL shoes if i can find these...
    what is the name of this style again? I have to locate them..they're soo cute!
  13. style is called "Peep D'orsay". You can see good pictures of them on the site.
  14. Try calling the CL boutiques in NYC.