Can any one help, please?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a new comer here and would like your advise. I've been dreaming for a Hermes bag but don't want to wait for years. Here is what I found in eBay from seller "luxwear":

    eBay: Signature Orange & Palladium 32cm HERMES KELLY BAG (item 160068811696 end time Jan-29-07 10:07:23 PST)

    I heard that Luxwear, LLC is trustworthily, but I want to play it careful since they accept wire payment only. Do the price and bag look alright to you? Your time and advise will truely be appreciated.

  2. KOS......This is a fabulous bag from a terrific, reputable re-seller at a pretty dang good price for Box calf. If you love it, I'd go for it without reservation.
  3. One more thing......the bag IS 4 years old and she's had it up for sale a might consider emailing her with an offer and see what she says.
  4. I think the price is way too high for that bag.^^

    I have been watching it too. It is too many years old to warrant that price in my opinion.
  5. really, KB -- even though it's brand-new, never been used w/plastic still on? i would have thought that would warrant a price in the same range as an unused one from a more current year (assuming the new-in-box description is correct).
  6. Thank you shopmom411 and kellybag for your prompt reply. I just emailed to luxwear and see if they will offer me a better price. By the way, do you know what's the regular price for this bag? by the way, I'm still feeling a little uncomfortable about wiring money to them without any protection. The "what if......" thought really kills me.
  7. Gorgeous bag! If she makes you a good offer, go for it.
    One of our members here recently bought from her and was highly pleased. Her bag passed all 'tests' (she had it 'verified' by two craftsmen, once by having her initials embossed and once the craftsman of all craftsmen told her right out that it's real).
    I think the new price for this bag is around what she is asking, probably a little more but PLUS tax. So, it's a good price.
  8. the other thing to keep in mind is that according to HG they're not doing orange box these days, so it would be tough to find one in a store.
  9. Thanks all for your opinion. I made my purchas today for $5,200 plus shipping. This is going to be my first Hermes and I'm keeping my fingers cross that the bag will come as the seller promised. I'm planning to update my experience with Luxwear here once I received my bag.

    Wish you all a good weekend.
  10. Good for you!!! Glad you got it for a lower price...really glad. Please share with us when you receive that gorgeous bag.
  11. Congratulations!!! This is one gorgeous bag! Please post many pics with you modeling her for us when she arrives.
  12. Gorgeous the color and leather!
  13. congrats on your new Kelly.. post pics when you get it...
  14. Congratulations!! I have previously admired this bag, it is beautiful. I was told that at least in the U.S., an order in orange boxcalf could not happen right now, so enjoy this special piece and please share pictures with us when it arrives if you don't mind.
  15. Great bag, awesome price!!