can any one help me

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  1. short and simple of what happen
    circuit city gave me a used computer and i bought it as new and it dont work
    its over 30 days and there is no return policy on the reciept and the lady who sold the laptop lied about
    the return policy and about the laptop
    spoke with one manger he sticks up for her and says shes new
    another manger said he would help me he ends up leaving
    another manger tells liek 50 lies and i ask why did the lady who sold me it tell me this and hes like shes been a manger for 8 years .( the store wasnt open for 8 yeatrs and another manger said she was new) a
    the manger then tells me his problems
    and every manger there doesnt want to help
    they wont let me exchange it cause its been over 30 days and they wont help in any way
    their answer to every thing is buy stuff like to make it work better like a chip you but in the to get 1 gb .
    i was sold a computer that was borke and was lied and told it was new
    cant get an exchange or a refund
    the mangers keep lieng and leaving the store no help
    what do i do
    sorry about the last post i was so mad i didnt come out right and i dont know why the word r******
    was censored
  2. My boyfriend actually works at CC...I'll ask him and get back to ya!
  3. That's awful, hazel!

    So if you cannot return it and get your money back, can they fix it?

    I would demand that they fix it at their expense. The lady lied and you bought something that broke after 2 months(?). They mentioned something you should try to make it work, well they should do it!

    Did you pay with a credit card? I have been reading in other threads about how credit card companies cover some items, but I am not sure about the specifics. Hopefully others on this forum can help with that. Good luck!
  4. Have you tried a different store?
  5. oh dear. . . Please stop posting this over and over.
    Find your original thread and let's just use that one, okay?
    Thanks! :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.