Can any one help me with Fendi clothing size?

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  1. Hi girls,

    This is first time I post Question here at Fendi. I am getting a leather jacket for my mom for this x'mas so wondering if anyone can help me with size here.

    She is normally in size 0 or 2 in most of USA designer brands, and wears size 34 or 36 in French. I know fendi is italian sizing...but sales told me fendi runs slightly smaller than others, and now they only have size 40 left, would my mom be able to fit in this size?

    Thank you a lot!!:tup:
  2. seems unlikely
  3. italian 40 is european 34/36 or US 2. so, it seems ok to me.
  4. I see. Thank you girls!! I hope this is right size for her then. Because I know in italian size converts to french or us ones, but I just wanted to find out if any one purchased fendi clothing line before, so I would have better idea!! Thanks anyway!!:yes:
  5. A 40 in Fendi is a 6, but they can run small, so maybe a 4, but if she is 0 or 2, this will be too big.
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  6. ew...I have ordered it:nuts:...I will see then...thanks anyway!!:yes:
  7. How does it compare to a Prada 40 IT?
  8. I find them run true to size. I wear IT38 in other brands and also IT38 in Fendi.