Can any of you knowledgable girls recommend.....

  1. Some good heel grips? I got the Very Prives in suede but just feeling they are a little too 'loose' on me. Thinking some heel grips might help keep them on, but I got the little leatherette ones and my feet slides even more.

    Can any of you ladies suggest some good heel grips OR some good ways to stop my toes clawing the front to stop them 'flip flopping'?!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. i Use foot petals ( and love them, work everytime !.. good luck
  3. Oohh just had a quick look - is it the 'heavenly heels'? The prices are in dollars, not sure if they ship to UK, I should have put that in my original post :sad:

    *goes off to search eBay*

  4. poshchick i bought some footpetals frmo, reasonable price and free shipping!
  5. Thanks sara will try them! Was it the 'heavenly heels' ones?

    LavenderIce and gemruby, I have tried those scholl ones before but I find that because the coating is so smooth on the outside of the 'gel' thing, my heel just slips right off it! I must have strange feet!
  6. well i haven't bought those yet...i bought the 'killer kushionz' since i have horrible aches on the balls of my feet when i attempt to wear heels. i'll let you know what i think!
  7. i use silicone heel grips, they are really comfy and perfect for my VPs (which i half sized up)!!
  8. ^^Which ones? I've used the footpetals type before and found that when they wore down they didn't work anymore. I bought a pair similar to the Dr. Scholls above because I thought they would stick better and not wear down. It's interesting to hear that Poshchick's experience. I hope that doesn't happen to me! I thought the silicone or rubber would grip better. I never thought it might slide. Hmm.
    I can't remember the brand I bought and I already threw away the package. I got them at Norsdtrom Rack though and I remember associating the brand name with shoe polish. I still haven't worn my shoes yet so I don't know if they work.