can any of you help me pick out a purse for my gf's b-day?

  1. does she have any coach already? does she carry small bags, or does she like something a little larger?
  2. which ones are you trying to choose between?
  3. whats your price range?
  4. by the way, she's turning trying not to spend over $400...and she normally carries small to medium size purses

    and thanks for the fast responses :tup:
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new denim signature stripe tote style 11179 on w/ everything, VERY lightweight, and is the PERFECT size! Check it out along w/ the matching zip around wallet!!!!! I cannot say enough things about this set! Good luck and happy bday to your girlfriend!
  6. i think the carly would be a great choice! that would make right at your budget, but it's a very versatile bag!
  7. Does she like to put it on her shoulder or carry it in her hand or carry it on on the elbow? Does she like leather, suede or fabric?
  8. I agree. the medium carly or ergo tote are great choices, under $400, and she can carry them all year
  9. shoulder
  10. awww that's sweet that you are putting so much effort into her gift!

    I agree with the other girls about the carly, it's a great bag!