Can any of you girls help me find this purse?

  1. Ok - ever since the very last episodes of SATC aired i have LOVED Carries cream clutch - im hoping you girls know the one i mean - if not heres a pic: [​IMG]
    This is the caption from HBO:
    Carrie arrives in Paris in a whimsical and thoroughly French ensemble. She wears a sailor-inspired flower-festooned top by Sonia Rykiel under a shimmering coat by Benaz Sarafpour. A Judith Leiber cream clutch and a Chanel cap with pearl trim complete the look.
    Ive found one on ebay ( Judith Leiber Vintage Snakeskin Bag Purse (item 150019810879 end time 14-Aug-06 03:56:18 BST) ) but its snakeskin, based in Hong Kong and not exactly what i want.. what i do want is a looky likey or this particular bag! The one im after i dont think is leather - i think its linen or at least material, after some research i think it could be snake/lizard.. however i would make do with leather or satin. I hate fake leather so its either got to be leather or another material.
    Please help girls!!
  2. Hmmm...I could have sworn that was the vintage Dior clutch that figured prominently in the Paris episodes.
  3. Thats the funny thing..because it in "An American Girl in Paris" PT. 1 Carrie tells Petrosky's ex wife that the clutch is vintage dior; however on HBO's official website it states that it is a Judith Leiber clutch many times under the pictures section of the website. The exact caption that Juicy posted. So I've been very confused as well. Juicy...I too am in love with this clutch and would love to own one similar. I was thinking of settling for the the white or beige Chanel clutch that premiered this fall season.
  4. for the last 2 years i have been looking at Vintage Dior and only vintage dior and ive never found it! Carrie does say that it is Vintage Dior but it's not.. which i find very odd! Ive looked at Judith Leiber on ebay and the styles are very very similar so.. im convinced it is infact Leiber - however i feel SATC made a big mistake saying that it was Dior... talk about misleading! lol! If anyone has any luck tracking down this purse id be hugely grateful if you let me know!! :biggrin:
  5. ahh, it sounds like you have been on a serious quest.

    If I was you I would fire an email over to the Patricia Field website.
    Patricia Field Online

    Tell them you have been studying dior past and present and have never found this style purse, and could they shed any light on it for you.
    I am sure they would be able to atleast confirm if it was a lieber and was just called Dior to fit in with the Paris theme :smile:

    You have us all intrigued now, so very best of luck and let us know

  6. Yea..thats's what I thought too. I found it very strange that the creative people behind SATC would make such a mistake especially when they were known for their fashion expertise. I'm still on the look out for the clutch. On ebay most of the clutches seem to be made out of alligator skin.
  7. thanks girls! I've emailed Patrica, so fingers crossed i hear back! :biggrin:
  8. Juicy

    Did you ever find out if the clutch is a vintage Dior or a Judith Leiber? Would love to know.

  9. I don't know if it was a mistake, because even at the time the episode aired it was correct (maybe) on the HBO website. I feel like they might have called it Dior to fit the theme of the episode, which is still very odd for SATC.
  10. I don't remember Carrie saying it was Dior, I just remember her saying it was vintage. I might be wrong though.
  11. this may be the slowest reply of all time.. but.... i did get an email back and it is Leiber and not Dior! I didn't get an explanation as to why they mislead in the movie though...
  12. after reading your replies i went home and re-watched the episode. it seems like maybe carrie said it was vintage dior to "up" her clutch status in front of the ex. what do you guys think?