Can any of our experts give me some info on these sunnies....

  1. I found this in the Louis Vuitton Le Voyage catalog my awesome buddy sent says on the back they are Soupcon sunnies in acetate, but I don't know what size they are or what color. They look like the Dark Honey as per and by process of elimination only come in one size, Soupcon GM LV Landscape.

    can someone confirm? or correct me?

    Also if anyone has these sunnies or similar can you post/send me model pics for reference!! as you all know I don't have a LV near me so I'd have to order...we might be going to Montreal in Aug but not sure where we'll be and if there will be a LV nearby :sad:.

    thannnks! :heart:
  2. here are the pics...same pic one with flash and other without..
    DSC03918.JPG DSC03919.JPG
  3. Looks like the tortoise color and yes it only comes in one size GM retail in the US $585.... eehhh I don't know the CAD price though. :shrugs:
  4. ^^ dk tortoise?? the tortoise colors on don't show any sparklies...that one is very sparkly..hence my attraction to it..LOL..i like sparkly things..hahah
  5. I'm almost 100% sure that it's the sparkly GRAY (almost black-ish) colour which is NOT landscape :yes: which then in this case means they're 550$CAD

    They're indeed the Soupcon GM though.
  6. I dunno about tortoise (means black and goldish colours right? but maybe she's saying TURQUOISE?...perhaps? maybe? I dunno lol... cuz the latter are sparkly
  7. what's the difference between landscape and not?? I don't see a

    arggh...either I need to move where there is a LV or LV needs to come here!
  8. i see how it could be grey now Cec....they need to put more description in their catalogs..lOL
  9. Well I seriously don't know LOL, but Landscape seems to be higher tech and often is about 50$ more expensive (these are the black and tortoise ones (I think)). Most of the sparklies are non-landscape so cheaper.

    Hmmm... I'm gonna edit my previous post, I just checked the LV site and I think what I meant be turquoise is officially called "bleu fonce" (dark blue)...

    hmmm... where's John? lol he should know a LOT better lol
  10. ^^ what's throwing me off is there's Dark Honey (which is sparkly) in the GM landscape! lol...aacckkk...

  11. i actually like the bleu fonce better than gris. You think they're a lot darker in person than what they show on the website??
  12. OT..Congrats on your miroir lockit Cec!!!
  13. oh... ya I don't like the dark honeys... well they're not bad, quite lovely... hmm... actually with your haircolour now in the avatar I think you can go for either light or dark honey cuz you're a very pretty girl :yes:

    actually I like the gray ones better and imo no, the blue ones are REALLY BLUE almost turquoise... Very pretty colour but *I* can't rock them lol

    THANKS! when you getting your Manhattan? lol

    hey... what is this.... some type of duo-logue lol. We're like chatting here....LOL!
  14. the landscape is because they have lenses by carl zeiss which has that added feature of reducing glare. the non-landscape ones are just regular lenses (still good) but has more of a glare when you drive/wear them.

    also on the landscape lenses, you can see a small [x] on the lenses themselves in the corner.

    the extra cost is because those lenses are really great. :smile:
  15. lol...i'm soo confused now! LOL..I think I like the Dark Honey's b/c they look more reddish brown, whereas the Light Honey's look more greenish brown...but I like the gris also..oh my goooshh...I think I remember a pic of someone buying the bleu fonce and they did look really turqouisey..

    Manhattan will be here either this week or next week! I'm dyying to get it! lol

    yah..i guess where duo-logging..LOL...i haven't seen you in a long time!

    I hope John gets here soon or overnight so he can give me some input.