Can any body advice me...Which LV slim bag is best look?

  1. Hi all...I would consider to buy slim bag for my next LV purchase...could you advice me which model is best for your oppinion..?:tup:
  2. Hi Ifar!

    What do you mean by slim bag?
  3. He..He..sorry mistype...what I meant "sling"bag
  4. I'll move your thread into main LV forum. You will get more replies in here.
  5. I like my Bosphore Pochette. It is sized nice and fits a bunch! Perfect for shopping.

  6. My top choices:

    Monogram Sologne:
    I don't like the buckle but the overall look of the bag is so attractive! It can be worn very casual but will also look great with skirts and other nicer clothes.

    Messenger PM/GM Bosphore:
    Totally unisex, no vachetta strap, more classic messenger style. It does have a sporty look, so it may not look as nice with nicer clothes. The flap closes with a magnet so it's easier to open/close than the Sologne.

    Musette Tango:
    Sleek and simple, perfect for storing essentials.
  7. My favorite is the Monogram Danube!
  8. I just got the Bosphore GM and I love it.
    It's easy to carry and open and it holds a lot of stuff.