Can anbody tell me what this is?

  1. http://www.e-*******.com/c21/defaultMall/categoryshop/br5/images/goods/36676a.jpg
    I saw this at a reseller site..
  2. additional information:

    It's called "kiftou" (it was in Japanese, so I am guessing the English name). The used price is around $290...
  3. No clue. Did Hermes ever make (do they now make) a luxury Swiss Army knife?
  4. I also have no idea if they made knives (it wouldn't surprise me if they did though).
  5. Looks like something a proper Hermes loving Girl Scout/Girl Guide would have! (That would be moi!!) Maybe I need to get myself one of those??
  6. I guess a pocket knife hanging off of my Birkin may be pretty handy! (Although knowing myself I can see somehow cutting my bag with that knife:wtf:
  7. Whatever it is, it's only $290.00!! It's a steal. I say, buy it...
  8. That looks like some sort of Leatherman to me (my Army days come in handy for certain occasions just like this!)

    They're really great tools but I wonder what the size is on this?
  9. I've seen a HUUUUUGE pocket knife at the Hermes in Charlotte before, like a foldable hunting knife, lol, very strange
  10. LOL ... I have in mind it's a tool for something with a capital C. J/K!
  11. AuthenticLux, you were in the Army? :smile: Wow.

    The site doesn't indicate a size, or any other information other than the name/price...
  12. It does looks like some Swiss Army or Leatherman tool to me.

    MrsS, what Capital C are you talking about? :confused1:
  13. Yep, it's like a Leatherman tool. NYC has one on the 3rd floor if anyone wants to try it out.
  14. Looks like the mini Leatherman to me (scissors rather than pliers) so I would guess somewhere in the region of 3".
  15. a pair of scissors? *wild guessing here*