Can an item bought at one Factory Store be returned at a different Factory Store?

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  1. I'll be going to two different Coach Factory Stores this week, and I wouldn't want to pass on something that I see at the first one I go to -- but if I see something that I like better at the second one, I was wondering if I could return the first purchase there?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. yup :yes:
  3. yeah you can even return them at a boutique as long as you have the receipt.
  4. can you return boutique items to an outlet? the outlet here is closer than the boutique.. thanks
  5. yup! :tup:
  6. Most definitely- I bought a pink suede bag first (which I liked but didn't love) and then went to Rehobeth a couple days later which had a much better selection so I exchanged it for my purple mini sig duffle (which I LOVE)! Of course, I blame the Rehobeth outlet for starting my Coach obsession because they had SO many great things there while most at Queenstown were cute but didn't move me.
  7. In February, I bought a bag at an outlet while on a trip in Vegas (it was $154 and change after discount, price on tag says $268). I'm not really thrilled with the bag now and have never used it. It still has it's price tag attached, with no marks of any sort on it. Next week, I'm going to an outlet here in NY and I'm wondering if I can return the bag for store credit? Has anyone ever done this? I don't expect the price listed on the hang tag, but I'm wondering how they will determine any refund/credit? Can they just use my credit card?
  8. I've never returned w/o a receipt, but I'm thinking they will give you the last lowest sale price which may be up to 70% original outlet price and issue a store credit. If you can find a CC statement that may help, but it depends how much info is on it. It may just say Coach $xx.xx
  9. I'm kicking myself too, because I'm normally very anal about keeping receipts but this one is no where to be found. The credit card statement lists the date, store location, transaction number, and total price. Maybe I can call the outlet in Vegas and get a copy of my receipt since I have a transaction number.
  10. That's a good idea. Maybe you can have them fax it to the store you are going to. That way you won't have to wait. Or call the store you are going to. They may be able to pull it up. When I was in Vegas they had all of my personal info in the computer from OH, so they may have your info and previous purchases at the NY store.
  11. Okay, I just talked to an SA at the outlet I'm going to next week and their last price for the bag was $125.30 and they can do store credit for me without a receipt. It's a bit of a loss, but not too bad considering I've had this bag in my closet for 7 months.
  12. I'm glad they will do that for you! At least now you can get something you will use.
  13. I would eBay it with that as the starting price. They only will give you the current selling price without a receipt and they claim to only hold onto your purchase info for 2 weeks. What type of bag is it ?