Can an exchange be done in a state where the bag wasnt purchased?

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  1. Im hoping you pfers can mom bought a bag in Virginia and would like to exchange it for another bag in Las Vegas. Is this allowed? Is there a time limit?:confused1:
  2. As long as it's within the designated time period and the receipt is present, I don't see why not.
  3. Yes..I brought one in Las Vegas and returned at Seattle.
  4. I would say yes. I got my Sophie last December from my store in California through a return from Japan!!!
  5. Yes, my sister purchased a Speedy 25 in Puerto Rico and I exchanged it for a 30 in San Antonio, TX. I was asked for the receipt and the SA mentioned it would be a "courtesy exchange" since it was within 30 days of purchase.
  6. Whats the designated time period?
  7. In my case, the designated time period was 14 days for refund and 30 days for exchange.
  8. Sometimes it depends on the store (for example, my Saks boutique has a different return time period than my actual LV boutique). The return policy should be on the bottom of the receipt.
  9. ^^ok, thanks!!!
  10. No problem! :smile:
  11. In Switzerland and Germany that's possible but you have to change it in 30 days!