can an egg or drawing with chalk get you in trouble with the police?

  1. Thought I would share this funny story I just heard on Sky News.

    There has been some sort of crack down on Police in the UK having to meet quotas and charging people with ridiculous things in order to meet these quotas.

    One example of this was:

    Possession of an egg with intent to throw

    another one :

    Impersonating a police officer (it was a male stripper dressed, well initially anyway, in a police uniform

    Another: a 16 year old fined 80 GBP her crime...drawing love hearts with chalk .

  2. :wtf:
  3. Ask yourself:

    What situation was the egg guy in? Where? Why?

    Was the stripper in public dressed as an officer?

    Were the chalk drawings on private property? Graffiti.
  4. Sounds crazy !!
  5. My OH told me this story a few weeks ago. I believe it was on a public road, they had drawn hearts and rainbows etc.
  6. The girl that was arrested for the chalk drawing on the street was on GMTV a couple of days ago and she seemed really sweet.

    It's madness that the police actually arrested her when all she'd drawn was a couple of hearts and rainbows. I bet they didn't have much else to do that day. I mean it will wash off when it rains, how stupid is that? It's not like she'd written offensive words anyway.

    I think they probably realised they were in the wrong when her Dad challenged the fine and they dropped the case.
  7. I remember drawing hopscotch boards and big tic tac toe boards with chalk all the time when I was a kid. As soon as the rain came, it all got washed away. :yes:
  8. wow that sounds crazy. My kids draw on the sidewalk with chalk all the time, guess I better make sure they stay on our property :noworry:
  9. Too much time on their hands?!?! Those are silly and ridiculous all at once!
  10. Maybe the UK should cut funding to the locations these officers work at. They obviously have too many resources and nothing good to do with them.
  11. Possession of an egg with intent to throw

  12. Lol i'm actually not suprised by this, a year or so ago in the village where i live a few teenagers kept buying eggs just to throw at peoples houses/cars etc, they all got in truble with the police, so now in the shops no-one under the age of 18 can buy eggs!
  13. people are crazy